Working with our Web Marketing Instruments, you can quickly build up your web site’s reputation from your personal Hosting Control Panel. With the Sitemap Generator you will get complete sitemap for your site within minutes. You are able to send the sitemap to major search engines to ensure that they could scan your web site as fast as possible. Additionally, via the RSS News instrument, you can use routinely kept up to date publications on your web site, which is a promise for greater listing positions with search engines. The GeoIP re–direction tool will enable you to reroute visitors from a specified region into a specific language variation of your website for more precise marketing outcomes.

A Sitemap Generator

For fast search engine listing

A sitemap is known as a list of the pages within a web site that can be accessed by spiders and customers. You may use a sitemap to tell search engines which web pages of the website you would like to be listed. In addition, a sitemap could help your visitors find their way within your site. You’d normally employ a third party sitemap software package to get a sitemap for your web site. However, with DO Main, you get a sitemap generator comfortably installed in your DO Main Hosting Control Panel.

Within the Advanced Resources area, just click on Sitemap Generator and right after selecting the file extension of your sitemap, click on the Crawl button. The sitemap of your web site will be generated in a few minutes and you’ll be able to send it to the major search engines.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Straightforward location–focused re–directions

We offer a simple and easy application, which will enable you to filter the customers of your site according to their country. For example, with the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can quickly send all of the customers from Spain towards the Spanish version of your web site in case you have such. This will help you target your clients far more precisely and offer them with the on–site stay they anticipate.

No exclusive abilities or technical knowledge are required to make use of the GeoIP redirection tool, and you will no longer have to use .htaccess files to complete the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the latest publications within your website

What is RSS? RSS can be described as a technology for publishing and accumulating website content. It’s being widely used by news web sites, personal blogs, newscasts, and so forth. The submitted content is quickly gathered through a feed reader and after that displayed to the consumer. Utilizing RSS, customers will be able to collect updates from a wide range of sites and review them in a sole area.

With our RSS News Syndication tool, you can easily incorporate information feeds from a lot of the world’s most well–liked information channels and demonstrate them within your site.

RSS News