Using our Hosting Control Panel, it will be easy to watch over all aspects of your online presence. You’ll have at hand thorough reports, which will offer you live information about the resources your sites are utilizing and also the views they are receiving. You’ll also find numerous essential information regarding the platform in general. The information is split up into segments, which means you can easily find your path around.

Server Information and Facts

Look at info on your server

If you want to check out what exactly is the present version of PHP or MySQL or even the OS of the server where your cloud hosting account is located, go to the Server Information area of your Hosting Control Panel. There you’ll also get information about the mounted Perl modules, the incoming and outgoing mail servers, as well as the real IP address your hosting server.

You’ll find the hosting server data board in the Stats portion of the DO Main Hosting Control Panel.

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Access & Error Reports

Get details about your sites’ performance

Utilizing the details gathered in the Access and Error Listing section of the Hosting Control Panel, you can easily uncover just about any eventual complications with the effectiveness of your sites. The access logs will reveal all kinds of files including texts, pics and movies that have been looked over from your website visitors whilst the error stats will report just about any warnings and errors that have taken place throughout their stay on your website.

You can open the access and error record information for each of your working websites from the Stats Manager section of your Hosting Control Panel.

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Website Statistics

The best way to check site visitors’ flow

When you operate a prosperous site, it’s imperative that you understand a lot about website visitors – exactly how many unique visitors your web site draws, exactly how many site visitors return to your web site, which key phrases visitors have used to locate your site, and so forth. Within the Stats Manager part of your Hosting Control Panel, you’ll find two traffic stats instruments – Webalizer and Awstats that will assist you to discover all the info you may need.

The tools involve no setup. Once your website is on the Internet, they will start accumulating info without any effort on your side.

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CPU Statistics

Keep tabs on your websites’ CPU load

The host’s CPU is really important for the interaction and communication between your website and its visitors. The more sophisticated and resource–absorbing your sites are, the more hosting server assets and CPU time will be necessary. Through the CPU stats area, you can monitor which particular website is consuming the largest amount of CPU assets.

You should consider actions to enhance your sites in case the CPU use quota is exceeded. You can view detailed statistics for each day and month or for a full year.

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